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The Two Centuries Path

Chernivtsi Medical College started its work in 1811. This is more than two centuries ago. During this time the school has come through a long and difficult way of formation of the failures and achievements, there were a lot of changes and reforms. As a result, modern school of pedagogical training of qualified specialists in medicine was formed.

History of Chernivtsi Medical College is the result of work of experienced and wise people enriching college achievements.

During its existence, the college has trained thousands of young professionals, hundreds of bachelors. There are many prominent scientists and public figures among our graduates who are always observed and marked for high level of theoretical knowledge, professionalism, formed abilities and skills necessary for future professional activities.

Material and Technical Facilities

The educational process is carried out in the main building № 1 (1st medical department), in the building № 2 (3rd medical department), building number 3 (2nd and 5th medical departments) and on the base of lyceum № 2 (4th medical department). The college is equipped with 3 gyms, 2 stationary computer classes and one mobile class with the Internet connection.

For the theoretical and practical training in educational buildings - lectures and preclinical classrooms, laboratories, teaching and training preclinical rooms are used, and - in medical institutions of the city - function equipped training rooms of preclinical practice.

Cooperation with Health Care Institutions

In order to improve the quality and organization of productive training of junior medical specialists - 26 Health Care Institutions of the city of Chernivtsi are assigned as bases of practical training of students of Chernivtsi Medical College and pre-diploma practice.

Methodical work in college

Methodical work in college is presented as a complex system of professional methodological knowledge and skills of teachers based on modern requirements for their professional competence. It encourages each teacher to improve their teaching skills and professional level, contributes to the mutual enrichment of pedagogical findings, enables young teachers to learn pedagogical skills from more experienced colleagues, maintains in the pedagogical collective spirit of creativity and desire to search.

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